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旅行除了沿途的風景,最重要的是途中發生的點點滴滴,唯有照片與文字的交織才能讓美麗的回憶不朽,也是部落格取名為"Dribs & Drabs 點點滴滴"的涵義。這本部落格分享著我的旅行記憶與生活日常,有閒時不妨來此坐坐,我將為你遞上一杯茶、訴說精彩的故事。

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During last Dragon Boat Festival we planed a 9-day trip to Japan. The main goal is to see the famous world heritage, Mount Fuji. The schedule is very relaxed. We flight to Tokyo and took only two days in downtown. In the rest 7 days, we stay in suburbs to enjoy nature view of Japan. This article shows our schedule in detail. Because Mt. Fuji is opend recently, people that are interested in it can take a look of our schedule and plan your own!


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