During last Dragon Boat Festival we planed a 9-day trip to Japan. The main goal is to see the famous world heritage, Mount Fuji. The schedule is very relaxed. We flight to Tokyo and took only two days in downtown. In the rest 7 days, we stay in suburbs to enjoy nature view of Japan. This article shows our schedule in detail. Because Mt. Fuji is opend recently, people that are interested in it can take a look of our schedule and plan your own!

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Introduction of the cities

I will briefly introduce the main three towns we visited in this journey and then show the detailed schedule in next section.

  • Fuji Five Lakes Region:Region near lake Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko and Motosuko are called Fuji Five lakes region. It's the best view point to enjoy the amazing view of Mt. Fuji. Every day in this region you can see the dreamlike summit of Mt. Fuji. You will never get tired of that scenery!

  • Kiyosato: A small towns that is surrounded by mountains. It's beautiful, quite and cool in summer. There are many lovely buildings that makes you feel like you are in a fairytale! ▸ Summary for traveling in Kiyosato

  • Kamakura: It is a one-hour drive from Tokyo, Kamakura has abundant historical building and nature view. I like the circuitous stone steps and the sea in Enoshima the most. Feelling the sea breeze and listening the versatile waves, it was as if time had been put temporarily on hold.





Both the following purely text version and Google Map version are available. 



The First Day

Taipei >> Tokyo




The Second Day

Take a walk in Tokyo

[ Asakusa ]

  • Sensoji:Constructed  in 628 A.D., it's the oldest Buddhist temple in Tykyo city.

  • Asakusa Nakamise: A very lively street in front of Sensoji which sell a variety of gadgets and snacks.

  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center:People can overlook Sensoji and Asakusa Nakamise from the 8th floor of this information center.

  • Lunch - Mugitoro:Traditional Japanese feast - Meshed Yam with rise。

  • Walking in Asakusa:Take a walk from Sensoji to Tokyo Skytree to enjoy the beauty of Tokyo Skytree from different angles.

  • Tokyo Skytree:A landmark of Tokyo. Enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo city at the top of the tower.

[ Shinjuku ]

  • Meiji Shrine:A shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort.

  • Dinner - Bills Omotesando:A famous pancake shop in Japan. Tips for not wating in line for a long time - show up at dinner time.

  • Accommodation - Hotel sardonyx tokyo:There is a MRT station nearby the hotel and the room is large. [ Search for the price ]



The Third Day

Tokyp >> Kawaguchiko

[ Tokyo ]

  • Take highway bus at Tokyo train station:It takes about two hours to get to Kawaguchiko. [ booking tickets ]

[ Kawaguchiko ]

  • Lunch - Fudou ChayaA famous chain restaurant. One among five branches nearby Kawaguchiko has a cloud-like outward appearance. It's very beautiful.

  • Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice CaveNatural caves where is pleasantly cool even in summer, with an average temperature of 3℃. 

  • 西湖いやしの里根場A small village with about 20 traditional Japanese cottages. There is a clear view of Mt. Fuji.

  • Dinner - 山麓園Having Japanese barbecue in a cottage with a hundred year tradition. The food is delicious. Highly recomanded.

  • Accommodation - あおい荘:A traditional Japanese building. Can see Mt. Fuji right through the window from the room. There is transporation from the train station. [ Search for the price ]



The Forth Day


[ Kawaguchiko ]

  • Oshino HakkaiMelted snow on Mt. Fuji passes through ground and wells out from eight pools in this region. The water is so clean that it has been selected as top 100 water source in Japan.

  • Lunch - 小作(Yamanakako branch)A famous chain restaurant. Tendon(fried shrimp rice) and vegitable with hand-made noodle is recommanded.

  • Yamanakako Panoramic Viewing PlatformA lookout which can see Yamanakako and Mt. Fuji.

  • Nagaike Shinsui ParkAt the north of Yamanakako, it is famous for the view of "reverse Fuji" and "dimand Fuji".

  • Yamanakako Hananomiyako Flower ParkA flower park where you can enjoy various kinds of flowers from spring to autumn.

  • Yagizaki Park:A park at Kawaguchiko lakeside.

  • Accommodation - あおい荘:A traditional Japanese building. Can see Mt. Fuji right through the window from the room. There is transporation from the train station. [ Search for the price ]



The Fifth Day

Kawaguchiko >> Fujimi

[ Kawaguchiko ]

[ Fujimi ]



The Sixth Day


[ Kiyosato ] Summary for traveling in Kiyosato( including transportation and recommended accommodation)

[ Fujimi ]



The Seventh Day

Fujimi >> Tokyo


[ Fujimi ]

  • Fujimi Panorama Resort:Take the gondola in the resort to watch the sunrise.

[ Tokyo city ]

  • Tokyo Train Station and Takashimaya Nihombashi Store:There is a variaty of choices for souvenir.

  • KITTE:A place where you can see the night view around Tokyo Train Station.

  • Accommodation - Hotel sardonyx tokyo:There is a MRT station nearby the hotel and the room is large. [ Search for the price ]



The Eighth Day



[ Kamakura ]

  • 明月院A temple famous for hydrangea seeing。

  • 長谷寺:A temple famous for hydrangea seeing。

  • Enoshima Shrine:There are many restaurant, and souvenir stores beside the stone steps to the shrine. The view along the stone steps is similar to which of Jiufen in Taiwan.

  • Sea Shore of EnoshimaNearby Enoshima Iwaya Cave, the terrain is special and the sea is blue. In my personal view, this is the most beautiful place in Enoshima.

  • Kamakura Komachi Dori:The most lively street in Kamakura. There are various of stores suitable for hunting down intresting gadgets.

[ Tokyo city ]



The Ninth Day

Tokyo >> Taipei

[ Tokyo city ]

  • Tokyo Train Station:Go to Narita Airport by Narita Express (N'EX)。







(1) Airline Tickets

Taipei<>Narita Airport $7800/person

Vanilla Air. Not very cheap because the time slot during Dragon Boat Festival is popular。


(2) Accommodation

$11745/8days-person, $1468/1day-person in average

middle-end price but the quality is good.

(3) Rental Car


Regular small car. Insurance is included.


(4) Ticket、Transportation、Food

$12000/8days-person,$1500/1day-person in average

The above number does not include souvenir and gift. The quality of food in this journey is not bad thus the price is slightly high!


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